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Longsword & Rapper Workshop with

Green Man Sword

Sat 16th November 2019

in Brockham

After a very successful workshop last year, we are delighted to welcome Colin Messer and Green Man Sword back this year. Colin has many years’ experience of dancing and teaching rapper and longsword, including teaching at major UK folk festivals.


This workshop will teach key concepts of longsword and rapper dancing and will be paced to meet the needs of those attending. Green Man have a new sword dance to bring to the workshop this year. They will also teach a selection of rapper dance figures.


The workshop will be held in Brockham Village Hall and will  run from 10am to around 4pm. Cost £10

If you are coming as a team, a group discount may be available. Please enquire before booking.


Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Trainers or similar are suitable for longsword but please bring hard-soled shoes without metal taps for the rapper session if you have them.


Green Man Sword are a local team, you can follow them on Facebook  and their own website –

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