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The Orchard Morris Project

The Project started in 2017 with the aim of encouraging people to learn something new, have fun and to take something away to share with their friends. 

“Just for Fun”

Sadly all events were cancelled during lockdown and the project is now closed.  


Although no more workshops are planned for The Orchard Morris Project, Andy Richards has volunteered to run a standalone workshop at Pewley Down School, Guildford on Sat April 22nd 2023 under the "Eglamore" brand. If you enjoyed the "Fun with Renaissance Music and Dance" workhops here or at Sidmouth Folk Festival then this is for you. 


The musicians will have fun learning tunes by ear with dance emphasis, and the dancers will have fun dancing to their music! 


Tickets cost £10 and can be booked directly from Andy

Click here for details.

Please do not send bookings to The Orchard Morris Project

Early Music 3.jpg
early music 4.jpg
Early Music 5.jpg

Just for Fun   .  .  .  Open to All 

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